Founded in 2006 by Eddie Sullivan, Chicken Wing Software is dedicated to exceeding YOUR expectations by producing highest-quality software and designs, delivered on time and to specification, and to working with you to determine your precise needs.

Web apps

Web Applications

Chicken Wing Software's web application division brings together top-notch development talent with advanced design skills and an elegant sense of aesthetics.

Specializing in the Python programming language and the Django framework, founder and principal developer Eddie Sullivan has been creating interactive web apps for over a decade - sites that combine rock-solid back-end logic with an emphasis on usability and the latest web design ideas. Other specialties include PayPal eCommerce solutions, Facebook/social media integration, PHP, and custom Wordpress themes.

System Software

System Software

Prior to founding Chicken Wing Software, Eddie Sullivan worked for over seven years in the embedded software industry. There he designed and wrote system-level software in the fields of telecommunications, networking, and consumer electronics - fields where deadlines are tight and stellar reliability is of utmost importance.

He worked extensively in C and C++, as well as more high-level programming languages like C# and Python.

Desktop Software

Desktop Software

Need a custom Desktop application? Chicken Wing Software brings to the table years of experience and expertise in C# and the latest Microsoft .NET technologies, as well as cross-platform solutions like Java.

Recent satisfied clients for this specialty include NIST - The National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Usability Works.

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