Here is a partial list of recent consulting projects. Please also have a look at Eddie Sullivan's resume, for a list of full-time work experience.

Guitarator Toolbox

Guitarator Toolbox

A cross-platform suite of apps for guitar players. The advanced algorithmic design lets you:
  • See how to play any chord in any tuning
  • See how to play over 200 different scales
  • Perform a "reverse chord lookup"
  • Learn chord substitutions and theory
  • And more!
Available on a growing list of platforms and devices, including:
Scopa screenshot

Play Scopa - An online multiplayer version of a traditional Italian card game. Features real time interactive multiplayer game play based on AJAX/Comet and sophisticated JavaScript-based animation. Allows logging in via Facebook Connect. Handles tens of thousands of daily users.


Usability Test Software (for NIST)

We created a Windows desktop application in C# for NIST - the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Usability Works. The application presented a dynamic customizable graphical user interface to a questionnaire and usability test. The program logged results and created reports based on users' responses.

Eddy Boston web site

Eddy Boston - music promotion website - Eddy Boston is a South Carolina-based singer/songwriter. The site features an integrated interactive music player and playlist, customized and developed from scratch.