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Introducing Play Scopa: a new Scopa card game site

card-logo I have previously written about the Scopa game I developed for Facebook. Well, I became frustrated with the technical limitations of the Facebook canvas platform, and decided to move it off of Facebook onto its own site. So now you can practice your Italian and learn a new card game at You can still log in with your Facebook account, though.

If youโ€™ve never heard of Scopa, itโ€™s a fun Italian card game for two or more people. You can play with one of two gorgeous Italian decks of cards or a standard American deck with the face cards removed. There is a section on the site where you can learn how to play Scopa as well. You can practice by playing against the computer, and the game also has a โ€œbeginnerโ€ level where the computer will give you hints about what moves you can make next.

For my technical audience, the site is implemented in Python and Django on the back end. The game play is completely handled in HTML and JavaScript, using the Comet technology for real-time player-to-player communication. The back end server is my custom-built Sully Server (soon to be released as open-source).

Enjoy, and go play Scopa!

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