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Welcome to Emoji World

Welcome to Emoji World.

The age of texting brings with it its own language and culture. It has been pointed out that the current time period is the first in which we have real-time written communication. Add to that the limited input methods we’re forced to use, and it’s no wonder a new vernacular has developed.

To overcome the limitations of textual communication without requiring impractical verbosity, we have resorted to emoticons, abbreviations, and now emoji.

I admit I’m not fully emoji-literate. There’s a craft to constructing just the right combination of icons to express your inner feelings. I do however know some “textperts,” and their creativity never ceases to amaze me.😮

One thing we all know is that if you want your message to reach a segment of the population, you need to speak their language.

Marketing through emoji is the way of the present. If you have a brand that targets millennials and you are not taking advantage of modern forms of communication, you are being left behind.

But the best part of social marketing is the valuable insights that it gives you. You can see precise numbers on how many app installs there are, how many emojis are sent, and which images resonate the most.

To help address that need, we’ve introduced the first in our line of Custom Emoji Keyboards. Since we’re Chicken Wing Software, our pilot project is Chicken Emojis – an emoji keyboard for Android and iPhone/iPad. Now you can send cute stickers to all your chicken-loving friends!

This app, besides being a funny way to impress your friends, is a proof of concept – the software was built as a foundation on which we can create any type of social keyboard. If you want to join the emoji revolution, you had better hurry before the social media wave passes you by. Contact us now to develop your own Emoji Marketing Campaign.

Until then, all I can say is
chicken celebrating

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